Manual Test Stands

Manual test stands offer the ability of obtaining accurate, consistent results without the high cost of a motorized system. Our lever operated stands are ideal for rapid testing applications and the hand wheel stands are excellent for applications when more precise control is needed.

Nearly all manufacturers' gauges are compatible with our test stands for incredible versatility. Because these stands are designed for precision, balance, and durability, they are perfectly suited for measuring a limitless range of materials.
Manual Lever Operated Test Stand
50lb 2 22 kg Capacity
2" Maximum Travel
Price $585.00
Manual Hand Wheel Test Stand
110lb Capacity
5.9" (150 mm) Maximum Travel
Price $805.50
Manual Hand-lever Force Test Stand
Capacity: 200 lb (100 kg)
Price $715.50
High Capacity Manual Hand Wheel Test Stand
1000 lbs Capacity
Price $3500.00
Manual Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand
250 lb capacity
Able to be used in either the vertical or horizontal positions with no added equipment required
Price $445.50