Stroboscopes allow the users to view an object that is moving at high speeds appear to be slow-moving, or stationary. Our strobes include many features like phase shifting. The digital displays allow the flash rate (FPM) to be read as rotation speed measurement (RPM) or reciprocation speed for conditions where a hand held tachometer is impractical. offers stroboscopes designed for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures included, production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, oil leak checks and a host of other industrial and scientific operations.
Battery Powered Xenon Stroboscope
Range: 60 - 12,000 RPM/FPM
Price $10.00 up to $750.00
Digital Stroboscope, AC Powered
Range: 60-12,000 RPM/FPM
Power: Universal 85-240 VAC
Price $525.00 up to $630.00
Price $110.00 up to $1075.00
High-Intensity LED Stroboscope AC Powered
Range: 60-120,000 FPM
Accuracy: ±0.02% of reading
Price $5.00 up to $967.50
High-Intensity, Battery Powered LED Stroboscope
Bright LED display and simple controls aid in user operation
Range: 60 - 120,000 FPM
Price $175.00 up to $1125.00
Digital Stroboscope with Internal Battery
Range: 40 - 35,000 RPM/FPM
Power: Internal Battery
Digital Stroboscope with Internal Battery
Range: 40 - 12,500 RPM/FPM
DT-900 (Discontinued)
Battery Powered Pocket Stroboscope
30 - 12,500 fpm
Resolution of 0.1 Flashes per minute
The changeable NiMH battery powers the stroboscope 1-2.5 hours
Digital Stroboscope with External Battery
Range: 40 - 35,000 RPM/FPM
Power: External Battery
High Performance LED Stroboscope
Wide Flash Range 60 – 120,000 Flashes/min. (1-2000 Hz) can be adjusted to meet almost any high-speed application
Price $625.50
NEMA 4X Stroboscope for Harsh Usage
Range: 40 - 60.0 ~ 3,000 FPM
Power: Internal Battery
Price $1265.00
NEMA 4X Stroboscope for Harsh, Wet Work Areas
Range: 200-1,500 RPM/FPM
Power: AC 115 or 230 V
Price $990.00
Black Light LED Strobe for use on UV Inks
Flash Range 60 – 120,000 Flashes/min. (1-2000 Hz)
AC and Battery-powered models available
Price $985.50 up to $1147.50
Stroboscope Accessories
Flash Tubes, Batteries, Chargers & more
Digital Stroboscope, AC Powered
Range: 40 - 35,000 RPM/FPM
Power: AC 115 or 230 V
The ST-329 is designed for speed and frequency measurements in the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical, medical and shipbuilding industries in various applications.
Price $1200.00 up to $2950.00
Combination LED Stroboscope & Laser Tachometer
Quick mode selection provides instant back and forth operation between tachometer and stroboscope
Stroboscope: 15-99,999 RPM; 0.25-1666.65 Hz
Tachometer: 15 -200,000 RPM