Force Gauge Attachments and Grips

Heavy-Duty Tensile Grip
Heavy-Duty Tensile Grip
Manually tightened jaw faces can accept samples 1.25" (31.75 mm) wide and .25" (6.35 mm) thick. Contact faces are serrated hardened tool steel.
Price $325.00
Fine Point Grip
Perfect for testing fine and medium gauge wire, ribbon, tape and paper. Two jaw widths and load capacities are available; both can handle material thickness up to .04" (1 mm)
Price $150.00
Small Pin Grips
Ideal for gripping fine wires and filaments; three ranges for checking samples of .02", .04", .08" (0.5, 1 and 2 mm) thick.
Price $120.00 up to $130.00
Flat Chuck Tensile Grip
Each serrated gripping face is .79" (20 mm) square and can accept samples up to .79" (20 mm) thick.
Capacity: 100 lb / 50 Kg / 500 N
Price $220.00
Wire Terminal Pull Grip
Wire Terminal Test Fixture
Capacity: 100 lb / 50 Kg / 500 N
Designed specifically to test the strength of wire/terminal connections. The upper grip consists of a self-aligning wheel with nine equally spaced slots of various terminal shank sizes; an eccentrically mounted, self-tightening bottom grip secures the wire on the other end.
Price $175.00
Shimpo Thread Adapters
Connect force gauges and attachments with different thread sizes. Use them with a force gauge and a test stand to create a complete testing system.
Price $30.00 up to $80.00
Compression Plates
Compression Plates
50 and 100MM steel compression plates for top load testing, large sample compression or crush testing, with polished finish. 50mm & 100mm plates available in M6 or M10 threading.
Price $70.00 up to $135.00
Jacob's Chuck Grip
Jacob's Chuck Grip
Designed for testing low gauge wire and rigid rods; accepts material diameters from .02" (.05 mm) to .20" (5 mm).
Price $160.00
Clevis Grip
Clevis Grip
Odd shaped parts, punched samples or tension springs are easily secured and tested. Concave shape to pins assures centering under load. Throat clearance with pin is .5" (12.7 mm) and can easily accept samples up to .375" (9.65 mm) wide.
Price $95.00 up to $125.00
Film Grip
Film Grip
These heavy-duty, spring-loaded grips have serrated jaws for handling samples up to .39" (100 mm) thick and .79"(20 mm) or 1.97" (50 mm) wide.
Price $150.00 up to $180.00
Spool Grip
Spool Grip
Ideal for hard-to-hold items like thread, filaments, etc. The sample is wrapped around the spool, anchored by friction.
Price $220.00 up to $250.00
Tape Grip
Tape Grip
Self tightening lever action makes this fixture perfect for testing rubber, tape and paper.
Price $250.00 up to $280.00
Cord and Twine Grip
Cord and Twine Grip
A unique figure 8 wrap of specimen assures a center break and non-locking pins permit quick installation and release. Throat and pin clearance is .375" (9.65 mm) wide with the throat width being .5" (1.7 mm)
Price $225.00 up to $245.00
Wedge Grip
Wedge Grip
Two capacities for lighter and heavier loads; spring-loaded jaws automatically close on the specimen and tighten as tension is applied. Ideal for testing wires, strip material and plastic tape or films.
Price $400.00 up to $877.50
Puncture Attachement
Price $78.00
Force Gauge Handle
Price $125.00
Padded Ergonomic Testing Attachments for Force Gauges
Price $325.00
Adhesive Test Plates
Carton Box Pull Hook
Stainless Steel Push Rod
Price $100.00 up to $160.00
Fabric Grips
Fabric Grip
Eccentrically mounted, serrated roller grip allow for self tightening of specimens up to 3" (76.20 mm) wide and .25" (6.4 mm) thick.
Price $345.00 up to $375.00
Pincer Wedge Grip
Price $425.00
Peel Test Grip
Price $65.00
Heavy Duty Flat Chuck Tensile Grip
Price $675.00 up to $705.00
Heavy Duty Wedge Grip
Price $675.00 up to $705.00