Wedge Grip
3 Models

FG-M6WDG50U: 100 lb / 50 Kg / 500 N Capacity - M6 Threading, max opening 4mm
FG-M10WDG500U: 500 lb / 250 Kg / 2500 N Capacity - M10 Threading
FG-WDG50B: 100 lb / 50 Kg / 500 N Capacity

Two capacities for lighter and heavier loads; spring-loaded jaws automatically close on the specimen and tighten as tension is applied. Ideal for testing wires, strip material and plastic tape or films.

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FG-M6WDG50U$400.00FG-M6WDG50U Wedge Grip 100 lb capacity
FG-M10WDG500U$595.00FG-M10WDG500U Wedge Grip 500 lb capacity
FG-WDG50B$430.00FG-M6WDG50U Wedge Grip 100 lb capacity
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