Panel Tachometers

Rugged and reliable, our 1/8 din panel mount tachometers are designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets and are suitable for a broad range of applications. From the economical DT-5RL-1, 2 or 3 to the sophisticated yet affordable DT-5TXR with optional output modules, our panel tachometers are engineered to meet the strictest tolerances. Our Panel Mount Tachometers, measuring conveyor speed, Measuring motor speed, After-market boat/truck/auto, and After-market PLC (with correct modules).
Panel Tachometer
Great versatility with multiple sensor input capability in one unit: NPN open collector, contact and square or sine wave sensor inputs
Price $200.00 up to $580.00
Panel Techometer with Optional Output Modules
Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Accepts up to two output modules allowing voltage, current, BCD, NPN & relay output combinations for control or remote process monitoring
Price $265.00 up to $300.00
Panel Mount Counter
Bi-directional and batch counting capability eliminates need for multiple counters. One unit does it all.
Expansive counting range (-999,999 to +999,999) enables usage in a variety of applications, ideal for fast moving part counting
Price $375.00
Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Measuring Range: 10 - 99,999 rpm (at 1p/r)
0.2 - 30,000 rpm (at 60 p/r)
Set-up data is easily entered via front panel keys and is not lost during power failures
Accepts various modules; works with a variety of sensors