Process Panel Meters

Rugged and reliable, the 1/8 din panel meter line is designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets with an array of flexibility enabling usage in a broad range of applications. Our Panel Mount Tachometers are ideally designed for speed, rate or time monitoring applications with potential connection to PLC’s and networks with available outputs. The dedicated Process Meter line-up allows usage in virtually any application with their voltage, current or temperature input selections along with a myriad of optional output signal and communication combinations. The similarly designed Process Counter line completes the offering, geared for frequency or encoder input applications.
Panel Tachometer
Great versatility with multiple sensor input capability in one unit: NPN open collector, contact and square or sine wave sensor inputs
Price $180.00 up to $522.00
Panel Techometer with Optional Output Modules
Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Accepts up to two output modules allowing voltage, current, BCD, NPN & relay output combinations for control or remote process monitoring
PM-RM True RMS Meters
The Series PM-RM 1/8 DIN True RMS Meters, with Jumper-Selectable AC Signal Input Ranges
Accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale ±2 counts (LSD)
High read rates at up to 60 or 50 conversions per second
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PM-THC & PM-RTD Temperature Meters
The Series PM-THC & PM-RTD 1/8 DIN Temperature Meters, with Jumper-Selectable Thermocouple or RTD Input
Factory calibrated over the entire sensor range for thermocouple types J, K, T, E, N, R, S (PM-THC); RTD types Pt 100 Ω, Ni 120 Ω, Cu 10 Ω (PM-RTD)
Selectable resolutions in Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Rankin: PM-THC 1° or 0.1°; PM-RTD 1°, 0.1° or 0.01°
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PC-AN Process Counter
The Series PC-AN 1/8 DIN Process Counter/Totalizer is designed for process automation counting or totalizing applications.
0-1 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V sensor input
Bright, red (±999,999) 6-digit LED display with selection of rate or totalized rate; Extended models provide additional batch total, grand total or number of batches
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Panel Mount Counter
Bi-directional and batch counting capability eliminates need for multiple counters. One unit does it all.
Expansive counting range (-999,999 to +999,999) enables usage in a variety of applications, ideal for fast moving part counting
PM-DC Process Meters
The Series PM-DC 1/8 DIN Process Meters, with Jumper-Selectable DC Signal Input Ranges
Universal power range of 85-264 V ac / 90-300 V dc or 10-48 V dc / 12-32 V ac power eliminates need to purchase country specific models
Programmable scaling provides flexibility to set up and monitor virtually any process in the desired engineering units
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Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Measuring Range: 10 - 99,999 rpm (at 1p/r)
0.2 - 30,000 rpm (at 60 p/r)
Set-up data is easily entered via front panel keys and is not lost during power failures
Accepts various modules; works with a variety of sensors