Torque Gauges and Test Stands offers a torque product line that is suited for accurate and precise testing.
Cap Torque Tester
Memory for 1000 values with USB Output
4 Ranges up to 90 lb-in
Includes Hi/Go/Lo Limits and LED Indicators
Price $72.00 up to $1147.50
The TTC Digital Torque Tool Tester is a simple operation test instrument for quickly checking torque tool performance up to 590 ft-lb (800 N-m).
Flexible six modes of operation: Track, Peak, First Peak, Auto Peak, Auto First Peak, Double Peak
Price $995.00 up to $2295.00
Hand-held Digital Torque Tester with Adjustable Chuck
3 Ranges up to 10 Nm / 88 lb-in
Price $1102.50 up to $1282.50
The SHIMPO TRC torque checker is a user friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values.
Price $995.00
Price $1275.00 up to $1375.00