Shimpo Thread Adapters
To adapt shaft size
Connect force gauges and attachments with different thread sizes. Use them with a force gauge and a test stand to create a complete testing system.
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FG-10TJM6$40.00Thread Adapter, 10/32 UNF Female to M6 Male
FG-M10TJ5/16$70.00Thread Adapter, M10 Female to 5/16 18UNC Male
FG-M10TM6$70.00Thread Adapter, M10 Female to M6 Male
FG-M4TM6$30.00Thread Adapter, M4 Female to M6 Male
FG-M4TJ10$30.00Thread Adapter, M4 Female to 10/32 UNF Male
FG-M6TJ10$30.00Thread Adapter, M6 Female to 10/32 UNF Male
FG-M6TM10$80.00Thread Adapter, M6 Female to M10 Male
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