High Capacity Digital Force Gauge
FGE-HX Standard Gauge
FGV-HX Force Gauge with RS232 & Analog Output

3 Ranges up to 1000lbs
Measures Push / Pull Force

The microprocessor-controlled, digital FGE-HX and FGV-HX offer the same user-friendly features of our popular FGE/FGV series, but in an extremely heavy-duty case, allowing the gauges to handle larger capacities from 0 to 1000 pounds.

Two knurled steel handles are provided for hand operation and a hanger is included which enables each gauge to be used as a scale.

  • Accuracy ±0.2%
  • Measures both compression and tension forces
  • 200% overload protection
  • Heavy-duty load sensor
  • Removable hanger
  • User-selected units of Pounds, Kilograms or Newtons
  • Display can be reversed for inverted use
  • Display "real-time" or "peak" force
  • Includes Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • 1 Year Warranty
Force Ranges
FGE-200HX200 lb
100 Kg
1000 N
0.1 lb
0.1 Kg
1 N
500 lb
250 Kg
2500 N
0.1 lb
0.1 Kg
1 N
FGV-1000HX1000 lb
500 Kg
5000 N
0.1 lb
0.1 Kg
1 N
Complete Kit
The FGE-HX / FGV-HX is supplied as a complete kit including force gauge, AC adapter/charger, 2 handles, inch adapter and attachments (flat head, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod) RS232 CABLE (FGV-HX Only) in a foam fitted plastic carrying case. kit
Special Attachments
Shimpo Force Gauge Attachments
Accuracy±0.2% full scale
Resolution0.1 lb, 0.1 Kg, 1 N
Display4-Digit LCD, 12mm high. Reversible by the push of a button. Minus sign for tension
Display Update0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1 sec
Sampling Rate1000 times per second
Overload Protection150% of full scale
PowerRechargeable Ni-Cad battery or AC through adapter/charger
Auto Power Shut-OffYes (not active if adapter/charge is in use)
Battery Life12 hours (when fully charged)
Recharge TimeApproximately 18 hours when fully discharged
Dimensions8.43" L x 3.23" W x 2.15" H (214 mm x 82 mm x 54.5 mm)
Weight2 lb (900 g)
ApprovalsCE approved
RS232C & Analog Output -1 to +1 VDC (through a 12 bit D/A converter)
Overload Output
One NPN OC transistor for tension, one NPN OC transistor for compression
Warranty2 Years
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 FGE-200HX REPLACED BY FGE-200XY Click here for new model
 FGE-500HX REPLACED BY FGE-500HXY Click here for new model
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FG-09V120UC$35.00Spare / Replacement Power Adapter
BATT-FGEX$60.00Spare / Replacement Internal Rechargeable NiMH Battery - BFGG0200511
FGV-ANALOG$105.00Analog output cable for FGV
FGV-RS232$105.00RS232 9 Pin Serial output cable for FGV
USB-RS232-ADAP$25.00RS232 to USB Adapter
NISTCAL-HX$450.00NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate for FGE/FGV HX and HXY Gauges (NIST-FG-HX)
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