Hand-held Digital Force Gauge
9 Ranges up to 200 lbs / 100 Kg
Measures Push / Pull Force

Digital Force Gauges with 180° reversible display & dual labeled keypad for both push, pull applications. The Series FGE-XY Digital Force Gauges combine a rugged, ergonomic and compact design with exceptional accuracy to provide a solid force testing instrument. These instruments are utilized in a variety of applications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testing requirement.

Simple one button adjustment changes units of measure, while pressing the peak button quickly produces the highest recorded value during the test. The 180° reversible display combined with the adjustable force direction and dual labeled keypad enable the FGE-XY to excel in both compression and tension applications in any direction. Models are available from 0.5 lbs to 100 lb ranges providing a large offering for various testing requirements.

Typical applications include wallboard, wire pull, wire crimps, trigger pull, brake pedal, aerospace ceramic, springs, food ripeness, corrugated paper strength, blister pack, medical component, muscle strength, ergonomic testing, adhesives, syringe plunger, needle sharpness and many more.
  • Display "real-time" or "peak" force
  • Accuracy ± 0.2%
  • 200% overload protection
  • User-selected units of Pounds, Kilograms or Newtons
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Display can be reversed for inverted use
  • Includes Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • CE Certified
  • Same as FGE-X model, however with ROHS Compliance
FGE-0.5XY8.00 oz
200.0 g
2.000 N
0.01 oz
0.1 g
0.001 N
FGE-1XY16.00 oz
500.0 g
5.000 N
0.01 oz
0.1 g
0.001 N
FGE-2XY2.000 lb
1000 g
10.00 N
0.001 lb
1 g
0.01 N
FGE-5XY5.000 lb
2.000 Kg
20.00 N
0.001 lb
0.001 kg
0.01 N
FGE-10XY10.00 lb
5.000 Kg
50.00 N
0.01 lb
0.001 kg
0.01 N
FGE-20XY20.00 lb
10.00 Kg
100.0 N
0.01 lb
0.01 kg
0.1 N
FGE-50XY50.00 lb
20.00 Kg
200.0 N
0.01 lb
0.01 kg
0.1 N
FGE-100XY100.0 lb
50.00 Kg
500.0 N
0.1 lb
0.01 kg
0.1 N
FGE-200XY200.0 lb
100.0 Kg
1000 N
0.01 kg
1 N
FGE-0.5XY & FGE-1XY - Shaft thread is M4
FGE-2XY & Over - Shaft thread is M6
Complete Kit
Includes Force Gauge, Universal 100-240V AC Adapter/Charger, 6 Attachments;Hook, Flat Head, Notched Head, Hanger, cone head & extension rod in a foam fitted carrying case kit
Standard Attachments
Standard Attachments
Special Attachments
Shimpo Force Gauge Attachments
Accuracy±0.2% full scale
Display4-Digit LCD, 12mm high. Reversible by the push of a button. Minus sign for tension
Display Update0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1 sec
Sampling Rate1000 times per second
Overload Protection200% of full scale
PowerRechargeable Ni-MH battery or AC through adapter/charger
Auto Power Shut-OffYes (not active if adapter/charge is in use)
Battery Life12 hours (when fully charged)
Recharge TimeApproximately 18 hours when fully discharged
Dimensions5.8" L x 3.0" W x 1.5" H (147 mm x 75 mm x 38 mm)
Weight1 lb (450 g); FGE-200XY Approx. 1.1 lb (500 g)
ApprovalsCE and ROHS certified
Warranty1 Year
International P/NFGJN
Instruction Manual Click to downloadData Sheet Click to download
Special Attachments Click to download
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FGE-0.5XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 8 oz Capacity
FGE-1XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 16 oz Capacity
FGE-2XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 2 lb Capacity
FGE-5XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 5 lb Capacity - FGJN-2
FGE-10XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 10 lb Capacity - FGJN-5
FGE-20XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 20 lb Capacity
FGE-50XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 50 lb Capacity - FGJN-20
FGE-100XY$558.00FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 100 lb Capacity - FGJN-50
FGE-200XY$733.50FGE Digital Force Gauge Complete Kit, 200 lb Capacity
FG-HANDLE$125.00Handle FGE, FGV, FG-3000, FG-7000 Force Gauges
BATT-FGEX$60.00Spare / Replacement Internal Rechargeable NiMH Battery - BFGG0200511
FG-09V120UC$35.00Spare / Replacement Power Adapter
NIST-FG$225.00NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration for Shimpo force Gauges up to 100 lbs
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