Force Test System
The FTS-X is a complete Force Test System designed for precision measurement of push / pull force on a wide variety of applications. FTS-X offers USB data output and along with a complete software package (Windows XP Compatible, Not Compatible with Windows 7) to record and analyze your test data.

The FTS-X consists of the FGV-XY Digital Force Gauge and FGS-100H Manual Hand-Wheel Test Stand.

  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate
    captures true peak values even those occurring over very short time intervals
  • Selectable Auto-Shut Off
    prolongs battery life, while allowing constant use when powered via supplied AC-adapter
  • Accuracy of ±0.2%
    providing superb repeatability
  • Small Size
    Ergonomic design provides comfort for hand held testing
  • USB, RS-232 & Analog Outputs-- all included!
    3 different outputs for data transfer provides maximum flexibility
  • Automatic Calculation & Display of Statistics
    provides immediate results and analysis of your force testing
  • 200% Overload Capacity
    minimizes the likelihood of costly repairs
  • 3 Memory Modes
    optimize data storage for any application transferring data to PC/Laptop when convenient
  • Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Housing & Rugged Construction
    provides exceptional durability even in the toughest field applications
  • Built In User-Set Hi-Lo Alarm Limits
    perform quick and easy 'Go-No Go' testing with visual LCD indicator when "out of tolerance"
  • Reversible Display
    optimized for use as both a handheld gauge or mount upside down on a test stand
  • Versatile bottom mounting plate accepts standard and custom-made attachments
  • Constant Linear Motion
  • consists of the FGV-XY Digital Force Gauge and FGS-100H Manual Hand-Wheel Test Stand
  • Includes calibration certificate
  • Sturdy, all steel construction
Force Ranges
FTS-5X5 lb
20 N
2 kg
0.001 lb
0.01 N
0.001 kg
FTS-10X10 lb
50 N
5 kg
0.01 lb
0.01 N
0.001 kg
FTS-20X20 lb
100 N
10 kg
0.01 lb
0.1 N
0.01 kg
FTS-50X50 lb
200 N
20 kg
0.01 lb
0.1 N
0.01 kg
FTS-100X100 lb
500 N
50 kg
0.1 lb
0.1 N
0.01 kg
Stroke5.9" (150 mm)
Travel Rate3 mm/wheel turn (approximately)
Measuring ModesRealtime, Compression Peak, Tension Peak
Display Update RateUser Selectable: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 times per second
Sampling Rate1000 times per second (1000Hz/1KHz)
Accuracy± 0.2% F.S.
Temperature DriftGain : ± 0.01% LOAD / Zero : ±0.01% / R.C. / Drift of zero point can be cancelled with tracking function.
DisplayMain display: 4-digits 12mm high, Reversible
Units display: 3-digits 7mm high
Other display: "LO BAT"(Low Battery Voltage), "BAT"(Battery Charging), "OVR"(Overload), "Peak"(Peak Hold)
Overload200% of Full Scale
TrackingUser Selectable (ON/OFF)
USB OutputAllows communication between FGV-XY and Windows PC Software with ToriemonUSB via USB cable(included).
RS-232C OutputAllows communication between the FGV-XY and RS-232C devices. RS-232C cable is an optional accessory.
Analog Output± 1V, Accuracy is ± 50mV through a 12 bit D/A. ZERO affects this output, and is updated at 1000 times/second. Load is >10k Ohms
Overload/Comparator OutputOpen-collector output (Max DC30V/5mA).
PowerRechargeable Nickel hydride battery or AC adapter/charger. Usable while charging.
Operating TimeApproximately 8 hours after a full charge. Charging Time: 16 Hours Max.
Auto Power OffDefault is 10 minutes. Can be disbaled. Automatically disabled when connected to AC adapter.
Memory functionContinuous memory: 1000 data points, Single memory: 100 data points, Standard memory: 50 data points Statistics functions (max, minimum, peak, average, standard deviation)
Comparator functionUser Selectable: HI and LO
Temperature range0 ~ 40 °C (-32 ~ 104 °F)
Humidity range35 ~ 85% RH
Dimensions147mm (L)x 75mm (W) x 38mm(H)
WeightApprox. 34 lbs
Accessories(Included)AC adapter/charger, carrying case, hook, chisel, flat head, notched head, hanger, cone head, thread Adapter, extension rod, USB cable
Application SoftwareApplication software (USB version): Available at www.shimpoinst.com/software for free.
Warranty1 Year
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FTS-5X$1650.00FTS-5X test system 5 lbs capacity (FGV-5XY + FGS-100H)
FTS-10X$1650.00FTS-10X test system 10 lbs capacity (FGV-10XY + FGS-100H)
FTS-20X$1650.00FTS-20X test system 20 lbs capacity (FGV-20XY + FGS-100H)
FTS-50X$1650.00FTS-50X test system 50 lbs capacity (FGV-50XY + FGS-100H)
FTS-100X$1650.00FTS-100X test system 100 lb capacity (FGV-100XY + FGS-100H)
FGV-RS232$105.00RS232 9 Pin Serial output cable for FGV
FGV-ANALOG$105.00Analog output cable for FGV
FGS-LENGTH-H$398.00Digital Distance Gauge for FGS-100H Test Stand
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