Magnetic Pick-Up Sensor
Magnetic pick-up with Amphenol connector; requires sensor cable assembly. This general-purpose unit is designed to mount in a 5/8"-18 threaded hole and is provided with a jam nut for sensor securing.

Model 3030AN pickup provides a sine wave output whenever there is an abrupt change from non-magnetic to magnetic material moving past the sensor pole. The output voltage is directly proportional to the change in magnetic flux intensity over the change in time.
  • Sine wave output from change in magnetic to non-magnetic
  • Change in voltage proportional to magnetic flux intensity over time
  • Range of 0.01" (0.25 mm) typical clearance
  • Amphenol connector
Mounting5/8" – 18 threaded hole
OutputSine wave
AdjustmentClearance of 0.1" between the sensor and gear
Temperature Range-100 to 225 °F (-75 to 107 °C)
Instruction Manual Click to download
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3030AN$81.00Magnetic sensor, requires CABLE-3030
CABLE-3030$110.00Cable for 3030AN Sensor
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