Manual lever Force Test Stand
The FGS-50S manual lever test stand is designed to provide accurate and repeatable test results with the addition of a digital or mechanical force gauge. It's compact design is ideal for a wide range compression force testing applications up to 50 lbf / 22 Kg.

Formerly part number FGS-5S

  • Manual lever operation for compression (push) measurements
  • Adjustable stroke with stop screws:max. 2" (50 mm)
  • Large platform base accepts special attachments
  • Max. capacity 50 lbs / 22 kg
  • Fixed position (clearance)in 3 steps:40, 70, 100 mm
  • Sturdy all steel construction allows exceptional durability and extended life of the product
  • Optional digital length meter added to stand creates deflection measurement testing for applications such as spring rate testing
Capacity50 lbf / 22 kg / 200 N
Stroke1.97” (50 mm)
Dimensions150 x 240 x 320 mm (L x W x H)
Weight22 lb (10 kg)
Warranty1 year
FGS-50S Manual Click to downloadFGS-50S DataSheet Click to download
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FGS-LENGTH-L$395.00Digital Distance Gauge for FGS Test Stand
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