Photo-Reflective Speed Sensor

The MCS-655 is now available as 2 Models:
MCS-655M - Retro-Reflective Speed Sensor with Metal Housing
MCS-655P - Retro-Reflective Speed Sensor with Plastic Housing

The MCS-655M is a photo-reflective NPN open collector photo sensor with Light/Dark activated output that operates up to 1000 Hz. For simplified installation purposes the integral LED aids in the MCS-655M model comes in a robust metal housing with a connection cable, LED status indicator, sensitivity control and mounting nuts.

  • Switching frequency: 1,000 Hz with light/dark ratio 1:1
  • LED is mounted in the back of the unit with sensitivity adjustment
  • M18 Threaded body housing with two lock (jam) nuts for easy mounting and positioning
Wiring Guide
Brown +10-30VDC
Blue 0V
Black Output (NPN Open Collector)
White Connect to Brown for Light to Operate
Connect to Blue for Dark to Operate
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Housing length2.5" (62.9 mm)
Housing thread diameterM18 x 1
Sensing range2" - 23' (0.05 -7 m )
Light/SourceVisible red LED
Light spot at 19.7' (6 m):15.75" (400 mm)
Wave length645 nm
Sensitivity adjustmentPotentiometer over 270 degree rotation
Supply voltage10-30 V DC
Switching outputNPN open collector, Light/dark-switching, Selectable via L/D control wire
Signal voltageNPN HIGH ⁄ LOW, Approx. VS ⁄ < 1.8 V
Output current max≤ 100 mA
Response time≤ 0.5ms
Switching frequency1,000 Hz with light/dark ratio 1:1
Angle of dispersionCa. 4.5 degrees
Ambient Operating temperatureCa. 4.5 degrees
Ambient Operating temperature-13 to 131 °F (-25 to 55 °C)
Housing materialMCS-655M: Nickel Plated Brass
MCS-655P: PBT and PC
Optics materialPMMA
Cable Length6.6’ (2 m)
Cable materialPVC
Circuit protectioninputs and output reverse-polarity protected; outputs overcurrent and short-circuit protected
WeightMCS-655M: 3.35oz (95g)
MCS-655P: 2.2oz (62 g)
Enclosure ratingIP 67
Items suppliedFastening nuts (2 x), Reflector target, reflective tape
Manual / Data Sheet for MCS-655M Click to downloadManual / Data Sheet for MCS-655P Click to download
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MCS-655M$215.00Photo-Reflective Speed Sensor, Metal Housing
MCS-655P$150.00Photo-Reflective Speed Sensor, Plastic Housing
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