Proximity Sensor
The SE-G2 (formerly SE-G) is a solid state proximity switch designed for gear sensing. The SE-G2 gear sensor will provide a square wave signal output and indicate detection via LED indicator on rear of unit. Maximum switching frequency is 8 kHz with a maximum sensing distance of 1.0 mm, gear pitch must be between 25.4 (min) and 16.93 (max).
  • Square wave output
  • 8 kHz frequency
  • 18" (0.46 m) cable
  • 0.04" (1 mm) sensing distance
  • LED indication
Power (VCC)+ 8.5v – 16 VDC
Sink Current40 mA maximum
Output Signal High Level(VCC – 1.1) ± 10%
Output Signal Low Level0.4v or less
Output Power50 mA
Duty Cycle25 – 75%
Output Impedance2.2 kΩ
Operating Temperature-4 - 158 °F (-20 - 70 °C)
SE-G2 Instruction Manual Click to download PDF
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SE-G2$130.00Square wave output, 8 kHz frequency, LED indication, 18" (0.46 m) cable, 0.04" (1 mm) sensing distance
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